Over the past weeks, our Dev team released the following animals into the wild:

  • Completely revised Help section for Dutch-speaking accountants
  • Removed the e-mail addresses from the mails sent to “Config D” companies
  • Added “Client Group” filter in Active Client Monitor
  • Added a “Type” icon in the mailboxes of the customer portal, to indicate whether the document is a PDF-document or an actual e-invoice
  • Some Whitelabel extensions for our full whitelabel customers
  • Introduced detailed system logging for our support and development teams, which allows to perform faster bug root cause detection
  • Batch “edit” functionality in WL2.0 multiselect, allowing to perform bulk edits to selected documents (change type, change booking period, change journal)
  • Multiple other bug fixes and small improvements


This evening, we rolled out a significant update to our “Active Client Monitor”; which will now load gradually, avoiding long waiting times before the full data set can be displayed.


Today we shipped following items:

  • Worklist 2.0 Multiselect
    • You can select one or more items in the worklist using the checkboxes before each invoice.
    • Once selected, these lines can be deleted or re-processed.
    • New batch actions (edit & send) will be added in the coming releases
  • New option: take the “bookkeeping updated until” date into account when showing key figures and graphs on the dashboard.
  • Changes to our API in order to support the ClearFacts Mobile App
  • Multiple bug fixes and small improvements


Following updates were released today:

  • WL2.0:
    • Annotate-view now shows whether you’re validating a PDF or UBL document
    • Additional sorting parameter for purchase invoices: file name (next to: journal, booking period, invoice date)
    • Added missing translations of error messages
    • Possibility to relaunch OCR from list view (in case OCR failed)
  • Apps:
    • Improved handling of Belgian vs. Luxembourg Apps
    • Possibility to add a company-specific URL for an App
  • Split/Merge page: “Send” button will now remain visible on top of page when scrolling down
  • A closed booking period in the accounting software will now automatically close the corresponding booking period in ClearFacts
  • Some smaller cosmetic and technical updates


Today, we released the items prepared by our development team during the past peak period. This includes:

  • Possibility to activate “auto-forward” for purchase and sales invoices. When auto-forward is activated, invoices sent through external channels (e-mail, dropbox, API) will automatically be transferred to the accountant.
  • Possibility to add a whitelist for the e-mail channel: in combination with auto-forward, only the invoices sent by whitelisted e-mail addresses will be forwarded automatically.
  • Various database and performance optimisations
  • Optimisation of the flow when paying using the QR code
  • Multiple translation improvements
  • Various smaller bug fixes related to the App Center, Foreign Currencies in WL2.0, the delete action in the document preview window and journal synchronisation.
  • Additional option for our white label customers: they can now replace the “help” section in the customer portal with their own help pages.


Following updates found their way to our production environment:

  • Minor tweaks in the calculation of the VAT amount in the invoice enrichment phase
  • Possibility to show notifications in our app center through the API
  • SEPA payment module: Improved visualisation of invoices which have already been paid or for which the payment is in process (red credit card icons throughout the platform)
  • Worklist 2.0 – new keyboard shortcuts:
    • Page-up and page-down to show the next/previous page of the PDF
    • CTRL-arrow down and CTRL-arrow up to navigate between invoice lines, or  to jump to the first invoice line
    • CTRL-E to navigate to the first error (typically a field highlighted in red)
    • CTRL-L to consult the list of keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved translations in app center and marketplace
  • Some other minor updates and bug fixes.


Major release today, including:

  • Structural changes to allow non-Belgian accounts to be managed on the ClearFacts platform
  • Possibility to manage balance accounts on office level
  • Harmonised input channels (for example: UBL files can now also be uploaded instead of emailed)
  • Multiple improvements to our AIR algorithms


Today’s release included the following improvements:

  • Multiple actions were added to the “preview” screen in the mailboxes of the customer portal. From the “preview” screen, documents can now be submitted, deleted or downloaded. Additionally, the “split” function can be opened directly from the preview screen.
  • Bug fixes related to the document scan functionality, modifying business partners with a “zero” in the name in Worklist 2.0,…
  • Minor changes to our infrastructure in order to further improve platform stability


Following updates went live to close the week:

  • Worklist 2.0  updates
    • It is now possible to reallocate documents to purchase/sales/various directly from the validation screen.
    • If an ‘inactive’ GL account is proposed by our enrichment algorithms, we will indicate this account in red. A GL account can be set as inactive by deselecting the account in the list of accounts, and activating the “limit accounts in worklist” option on office level
  • Bèta: the platform is now available in German. We will focus on the screens in the customer portal. We are aware of a limited number of missing translation, which will be added over the next few days.
  • Other minor bug fixes (translations, page counter in inboxes, clean obsolete db tables,…)


We released an updated version of our Dashboard today, including improvements on the calculations of our KPI’s shown on top of the dashboard; as well as an improved way to select the reporting period (Fiscal Year).


In our release of today, we released the following updates:

  • Several updates on our API:
    • Possibility to send various documents
    • Possibility to create and manage users and client groups
    • Updated documentation available on
  • Removed unnecessary menu items for customers that user their own SSO
  • Created the possibility to permanently delete documents from the document history
  • Worklist 2.0 updates
    • Added a thousand separator to amounts for improved readability
    • Added the possibility to “lock” automatic calculations on line item level
    • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed some missing translations
  • Technical improvements to the PDF split process to reduce the number of “split failed” error messages
  • Further improved the automated testing process in pursuit of a 100% stable release process


Today’s release included the following updates:

  • API:
    • Updated documentation and error handling
    • Possibility to obtain details of the accountant of a certain dossier
  • Worklist 2.0 bugfixes related to our PDF viewer, the check on invoice numbers for sales invoices and the possibility to send sales invoices for a subset of booking periods
  • A couple of other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements


Following items found their way to our production environment today:

  • Active Client Monitor: added totals per document status as well as two additional columns (VAT Liability and Accounting Software)
  • Restored  access to the Active Client Monitor for “Support” profiles
  • A number of bug fixes related to worklist 2.0 and document previews
  • Completed our sales invoice integration with EenvoudigFactureren (cfr. this blog post)

Additionally, our API documentation can now be consulted on our dedicated webpage:


Released a number of bug fixes and smaller updates today:

  • Updates on our new API for incoming invoices
  • Fixed a bug in the treatment of various documents
  • A number of fixes related to worklist 2.0
    • Language selection is now maintained after a refresh
    • Fixed a bug related to default various counterparties
    • Fixed a bug in our check on double invoices
    • Fixed a bug which caused certain booking periods to be displayed as “undefined”
    • Fixed a bug when saving modified booking propositions
    • The GL account number and VAT code are now reset when creating a new counterparty


Over the past week, we released a number of hotfixes for Worklist 2.0 bugs.


Major release rolling out today, in which Worklist 2.0 becomes the default worklist for all accountant users.

  • Added the possibility to notify accountant users of new functionality with a pop-up message
  • Added a browser check to temporarily redirect Internet Explorer users to the old worklist
  • Added a temporary button to go back to the old worklist


Following items were released last week & today:

  • Full review and update of our Help section for accountant users in French
  • Huge speed increase when clicking on the “next” button if you’re validating in Worklist 2.0.
  • Possibility to change the zoom level of pages when splitting/merging pdf documents
  • Squashed a few bugs that were still hiding in Worklist 2.0


This week (and next week), our release schedule is limited to a small  number of hotfixes for bugs (e.g. related to our Single Sign On functionality for users with multiple companies).

We are not releasing new features, as we want keep the platform as stable as possible during this peak period.


This week, we released the following items:

  • Bèta version of the functionality to use split pages with QR codes when scanning multiple invoices at once.
  • Significant update of some of our API’s.
  • Possibility to send JPG images to the platform via the “upload” button in the portal (this possibility used to be limited to the e-mail channel)
  • Two new functionalities in worklist 2.0:
    • Possibility to use keyboard shortcuts for the main actions (save, go to next document, edit customer/supplier,…)
    • Possibility to copy-paste the text that was recognised in the OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Several bug fixes related to document previews, the “journal” configuration screen, worklist 2.0 & translations.


Major release on the platform today, including the following items:

  • The design of the Customer Portal is now significantly more “responsive”. This means Customers can more easily use the platform on smartphones and tablets.
  • The “preview” action on document level has received a make-over and now shows all the pages of the document (instead of the first page only).
  • A new “bulk split” method has been added to the “split” function to split PDF documents into multiple invoices. When selecting bulk split, you can click on the first page of every invoice, and then click on “send” to send all the invoices in one step. Or, alternatively, use the “select all” button to split the document into invoices of one page each.
  • Worklist 2.0 bèta updates:
    • Possibility to filter on status in the list view
    • We will now show a light green checked status for documents where the document has been checked, but at least one line item will be booked on a temporary GL account (wachtrekening – compte d’attente)
    • Possibility to easily make calculations in the cells where amounts need to specified. Just type any calculation followed by “ENTER” and we will convert the calculation into the result.
    • Redesign of the headers in the annotate view
  • And several technical updates, focused on increasing our platform stability and possibilities to integrate with other applications


Saint Nicholas came by at the ClearFacts office, and in his bag we found the following updates:

  • The “cost” and “turnover” bars in the upper right item of the dashboard are now clickable. Clicking on these bars will direct the user to the “history” tab, where the correct filters will be automatically applied
  • Some updates for Worklist 2.0:
    • Standard zoom level for pdf documents is now set to “page fit”
    • We will no longer constantly apply the sorting rules to all items in the list to avoid confusion. Instead, a ‘apply sorting rules’ action can be triggered manually
    • An invoice will no longer receive the “NOK” status in case there is more than one year between invoice date and booking period
    • Some bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements
  • Technical upgrades, focused on increasing our automated testing to further stabilise the release process


  • Major update of our UBL processing logic (including updates regarding VAT rate, IBAN, GL account information)
  • New column in the active client monitor: upload date of the oldest document in the worklist
  • Possibility to select displayed columns in the active client monitor (stored on user level)
  • Major performance enhancements for our Worklist 2.0 beta version
  • Fixed access to Worklist 2.0 for customers working with SSO technology


Today we release bug fixes related to:

  • VAT codes: no longer to possible to add a VAT code that already exists
  • Invoice document numbers can not start with zero (increased compatibility with accounting applications)
  • And some other, smaller bugs


  • Fixed a bug related to reopening booking periods
  • Fixed a bug related to changing a journal
  • Uploaded an English version of the Quick-start manual for customer users